How do I submit my answers?


You can submit your answers after you have answered at least 1 question.  All questions that have been answered but not submitted will be submitted together.  When you are ready to submit, click the ‘Submit’ button in the upper right hand corner:


You will then see a dialog box telling you how many answers you are submitting.  Click ‘Confirm’ if you are ready to submit.  Once submitted you cannot change your answers anymore.



Another dialog box will then appear, asking you to select the supervisor to submit the answers to.  This supervisor can be your teacher or your parent.  He or she will receive your answers and mark them for you.  Once you selected one supervisor for a package, you will not need to select again.  All subsequent answers will be sent to the same supervisor.


You can also submit your answers to us at Tutate to mark for you.  This is available for a limited time only!