Tutate is available on the App Store!


We’ve been approved by Apple and you can now download Tutate from the Apple App Store!

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You’ll be able to find popular series by publishers like Shing Lee Publishers and Singapore Asia Publishers right in the app. Some of which include:

  1. Challenge your Brain Series by Shing Lee
  2. Pass with Distinction Series by Shing Lee
  3. Conquer Series by SAP

We’re well aware of all the upcoming examinations that your kid might be facing so in order to help them prepare, we’ve compiled sets of 2014 past year papers from the top primary schools in Singapore. These will all be available as FREE DOWNLOADS in the app.


Free 2013 and 2014 SA 1 Papers from top Primary Schools

You can also preview chapters of the books just as you would in a bookstore. We’ve made all the first chapters of every book free to download as well to allow you to evaluate what we have.

What are you waiting for? Go download Tutate from the store and tell us what you think!

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